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Vladimir Solovyov

In today’s #vatnik soup I’ll introduce a 🇷🇺 TV star and a propagandist, Vladimir Solovyov. He has his own TV show called "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov".

Vladimir is first and foremost a Kremlin-mouthpiece and a master propagandist, who speaks mostly to the 🇷🇺 people.

His primary mission is to get people riled up about the war and the "brutal Ukrainians". For this, he uses a powerful strategy: he’s one of the few people who is allowed to criticize the 🇷🇺 leadership (except Czar Putin, who’s always right) and their decisions on the war.

On 23 Feb, 2022, Italian authorities seized Solovyov’s 8 million USD villa on Lake Como. In April, 2022, activists painted the villa’s swimming pool with red paint. The villa was also set on fire and was heavily damaged as a result.

In April 2022, Putin informed that FSB had stopped a plot by "Ukrainian neo-nazis" to kill Solovyov. As a proof, FSB released a video from a flat of these evil nazis, where they found - among other things - a green wig, ...

... a portrait of Hitler, a nazi flag and three cases of video game "The Sims". It’s assumed that they were supposed to find SIM cards but misunderstood their instructions. He accused Banderites funded by the West for this "assassination attempt".

His propaganda is mimicking the classic Kremlin rhetoric, and he likes to spout about Ukrainian nazis, satanists, Banderites, bioweapons and so on. He’s also blamed NATO for waging war against Russia in Ukraine. One of Solovyov’s favorite talking points is nuclear weapons...
... and in June 2022, he declared that "I hope we’ll live through this. If everything keeps progressing the way that it is, only a couple of mutants in Lake Baikal will survive; the rest will be destroyed in a massive nuclear strike."

He’s also suggested attacking Berlin, Paris, London and Brussels with long-range cruise missiles. Too bad Russia spent most of them already by bombing Ukrainian civilians.

After the attack on the Kerch bridge, he also suggested that Russia should attack critical civilian targets such as "bridges, dams, railways, thermal power plants and other infrastructure facilities".

Solovyov is also a big fan of Hitler. To discredit the opposition figure Navalny, he said that Hitler was a "very brave man" because he didn’t get out of army service, unlike Navalny.

In November, 2022, Russian Mediascope poll showed that Solovyov’s talk show dropped out of the Top 10 programs on Russia-1. I guess there’s a limit to Russian babushkas for tolerating bullshit.…

As a Russian tradionist, Solovyov has been married three times. He’s been sanctioned by the EU after the 2022 invasion in Ukraine started.

For clips from Solovyov’s program, you should check Julia Davis’ coverage on Twitter and Youtube: @JuliaDavisNews

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