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Jackson Hinkle

In today’s #vatnik soup I’ll introduce an American troll and opportunist, Jackson Hinkle (@jacksonhinklle). Hinkle is best-known for his pro-Russian and pro-Putin views, for his feeble attempts at getting attention and for his monetization of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

In 2019 he ran for the San Clemente City Council, but wasn’t elected. His main campaign points were to stop the building of a toll road, and legalizing drugs and prostitution. After this election, Hinkle must’ve thought “This cute boy approach isn’t working, I’ll just go...

...full edgelord asshole - it worked for Trump, why not for me?" Or maybe he had a chat with Tulsi Gabbard, who had a quite similar transformation around that time, and who left the Democratic Party to fight the “elitist cabal of warmongers”. Or maybe he noticed...

...that you don’t have to be smart, honest or even have any competence at all to be elected - just look at people like Lauren Boebert, MTG and George Santos. Trump paved the way for this type of representatives a long time ago, and it seems to be working amazingly well.

Anyway, the Jackson we (unfortunately) see today is very different from the 2019 Jackson. Actually, I’d go as far to say that the current Jackson’s persona is completely fabricated and he tries to gain both reputation and money from saying outrageous BS.

Regarding Ukraine, it’s not even worth going through all the pro-Russian narratives that Hinkle has promoted - they’re all there. He’s actually trying to monetize with Z gear, a symbol for supporting Russia’s invasion in Ukraine...

...and posts videos with titles like “Defund Ukraine” and “Ukraine lies” on his Youtube channel. Hinkle is also one of the few Americans who have been guests at Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyev’s show.

He’s also supported the “Stop the Steal” and the “Deep State” conspiracy theories by saying that Biden is controlled by a “Satanic cabal of DC deep state leadership”. Not surprisingly, he’s been interviewed by Tucker Carlson of FOX News.

Hinkle’s been awarded the Serena Shim Award previously given to such “journalists” as Eva Bartlett & The Grayzone bloggers.The award was given by the Association for Investment in Popular Action Committees who, based on Bellingcat’s investigation, supports the al-Assad regime.9/15
Jackson has also recently reached the age when you get interested in girls - first he dated “Sarah” who allegedly left him for Jonah Hill, and later he tried to get a new girlfriend from OnlyFans, the platform he’s been very critical of.

When all other things failed, the Kremlin masterminds came up with a fresh idea: they’ll just make Miss Genocide, Anna Linnikova date Hinkle.They spent a week together at the Four Seasons Surfside in Miami. Read more about this dream couple from here:…
Jackson also has a tendency to criticize “wokeness”, trans people, and obesity. Ironically, he didn’t mind LGBT+ flags when he was running for City Council in 2019. One of the funniest Hinkle moments was when he was put in his place by both of his parents on Twitter.

He is what I call a “Merchant of Rage” - he posts extremely polarizing views on social media, lets the social media algorithms - that heavily prioritize enraging content - spread them far and wide, and then tries to somehow make money out of this process.

By spreading his hateful messages due to outrage, people are actually making him MORE money. There are many Americans doing this, one notable example being Putin’s old friend Michael Flynn and his ReAwaken America Tour.

To conclude: Jackson Hinkle is an “edgelord” who will do anything for attention, so everyone stop giving him that attention. There’s an easy solution for this: Block him and forget about him.

Sources: @TheWastingTimes (follow this guy!) @noturtlesoup17

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