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Kremlin kids

In today’s #vatnik soup I’ll talk about children, and especially the children of the Russian propagandists and politicians. It seems that the Kremlin-elite doesn’t want to send their children to fight in Ukraine, but rather provide them with Western luxuries and education.

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I have previously written about Kremlin folk who often criticize the West while vacationing on various European hotspots. Some of these include the Russian Deputy Minister of Defense, Timur Ivanov and his wife, and the press secretary for Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov.

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In the midst of the Russian mobilization and the Great Exodus, Putin called those who leave Russia and turn to the West “scum and traitors to their homeland”. The “We all must do our part” rhetoric has been constantly parroted in the Russian media, ...

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...and everyone who avoids their duty to the “Fatherland” is a coward. In Mar, 2022, he said that “they [the West] will try to bet on the so-called fifth column, on traitors. To those who earn their money here, but live there”.

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Of course there is also the narrative about the “decadent West”, where traditional values are forgotten and children’s parents are called simply Parent 1 and Parent 2. In this story, homosexuality and pedophilia are rampant in the West and religious values...

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...have been forgotten a long time ago. Nevertheless, it seems that the Russian elite want to join the unholy bacchanals in the West, and even send their kids to learn about these twisted values!

Let’s go through some notable examples:

This is Polina Kovaleva, Sergei Lavrov’s stepdaughter. Polina loved spending time at the now-seized Deripaska’s mansion in Porto Cervo. Somehow, at the age of 21, she had the money to buy an apartment from Londongrad with a price tag of 4, 4 million pounds, with cash.

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Maria Pevchikh (@pevchikh) has called Polina’s Instagram feed as a “non-stop holiday”. Due to the attention she got, her Instagram account has been turned to private, but there’s no doubt she’s still vacationing somewhere around the world.Kovaleva was sanctioned in Mar, 2022.8/18 ImageImage
This is Jelizaveta Peskova, daughter of Dmitri Peskov. While Ukrainian civilians, including children, are bombed and tortured in places like Kherson, Peskova is posting pictures & videos from various luxurious locations in Europe. She also seems to enjoy the “Western decadence”.9/18
As a child, she attended the Ecole des Roches, a boarding school whose fees would’ve taken up most of Dmitry Peskov’s official salary. Later she interned for Louis Vuitton and completed a marketing degree from a French Business School.

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To be fair, she’s been vocal about the war, saying that “for me, it’s totally unfair and unfounded”. This comment came after she was sanctioned in Mar, 2022. On the day of the full-scale invasion, she posted the words “No to war” on her Instagram page, a crime that...

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...could put her behind the bars for 15 years when (if) she goes back to Russia - it’ll be interesting to see what happens.

And it doesn’t end there: Lavrov’s other daughter, Yekaterina, studied in the US, State Duma’s Deputy Speaker Sergei Zheleznyak’s three daughters...

12/18 Image in Switzerland and in Britain, Putin’s close confidant, Vladimir Yakunin’s children and grandchildren also lived in Switzerland and in the UK, and Russian politician Yelena Mizulina’s son lives in the US. Pavel Astakhov, ...

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...a politician who is best-known for advocating the ban on the adoption of Russian children by foreigners, has a son who was also studying abroad. Sergei Lisovsky’s son hold the citizenship of a NATO state. Lisovsky is an open supporter of the Russo-Ukrainian War and...

14/18 ImageImage of the main suspects in the murder of journalist Vladislav Listiev. Alexei Cepa, a State Duma member who constantly criticizes the West, doesn’t mind that his son runs a company in Spain and owns a villa in Marbella.

His daughter Anastasia lives in the UK and is beneficiary in a company that sells “luxury clothes and accessories”.

Master propagandist Vladimir Solovyov’s son used to study in London. He was recently accused of “draft-dodging” by living and modeling in London, but the...
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...images that were shared were actually taken by a Russian model agency, Contora.

Even Putin’s daughter, Katerina Tikhonova, has lived in Europe with his husband Igor Zelensky, flying more than 50 times between Moscow and Munich in a time period of just one year.

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While Ukrainians die en masse, these hypocrites keep on living a life of luxury as usual. Recently they’ve relocated to Dubai.

As the late Russian General Alexander Lebed said: “Let me recruit a platoon of the children of the elite, and the war will be over in a day.”

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