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Dmitry Peskov

In today’s #vatnik soup I’ll introduce Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov.He has worked in this position since 2000. This means that he’s been covering up events such as poisonings of Litvinenko, the Skripals & Navalny, as well as the 2nd Chechen War & Russo-Ukrainian War.1/10
Peskov is best known for one incredible ability - whenever he says something, the exact opposite happens. On 15th, Feb, 2022, Peskov stated that allegiations about Russia invading Ukraine were “empty and unfounded” and called it “Western hysteria”.

He also declared that “Russia has never attacked any other nation” and that Russia would be “the last country in Europe to think about starting a war”.

He concluded that “we’re living in days of fakes and lies”. That’s the only truth that came out of his mouth that day.

On 13 Sep, 2022 Peskov said that Russia has no plans to to announce a mobilization in Russia. This mobilization was then declared by Putin on 21 Sep, 2022. Peskov has also denied the genocidal atrocities in Bucha and in Izium.

For being an opponent of the Western lifestyle, Peskov’s family sure seems to love some aspects of it. His 3rd wife and a former competitive ice dancer, Tatiana Navka was vacationing in Greece just last summer.

She was sanctioned by the EU along with his husband in 3 Jun, 2022, but apparently this didn’t stop her from having good time in a NATO country. While Tatiana was breaking plates in Greece, 🇷🇺 bombed civilians in Kharkiv, killing 12 and injuring 20 people, including children.6/10
Peskov’s are also good friends with Timur Ivanov’s family. In 2021 Peskov was photographed wearing a 85 000 USD Richard Mille watch at Svetlana Zakharova’s birthday party. Dmitry’s good friend Timur tried to hide the watch just so that the common folk wouldn’t feel jealous.

Peskov loves Mille’s watches, as he was wearing another piece at his wedding in 2015. This particular model cost 670 000 USD. This is more than Peskov declared as his income for a whole year!

If you like party photos, there’s more for you here:…

Like most of the Russian leadership, Peskov handles his wealth through front organizations in his wife’s name. His wife also has real estate holdings worth over 10 million USD and she runs two companies that do business with the Kremlin.

Peskov’s daughter, Elizaveta Peskova lives in Paris and works as an assistant to far-right French politician, Aymeric Chauprade. His son, Deni, also lives in France.

Peskov has been sanctioned by the EU, the US, Australia and the UK.

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