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“What is #vatniksoup?”

#vatniksoup is a Twitter thread series (and a hashtag!) where I’ll introduce pro-Russian actors and propagandists from around the world, be they so-called “independent journalists”, politicians, military personnel or just regular grifters looking to get some easy money.

The series also has introductions and deeper insights on how online propaganda and disinformation works and is spread. For example, I talk about Troll farms, Social media manipulation and Russian information operations.

I feel like it is important to introduce these bad actors along with the strategies they employ in the information space. Only this way we can pursue the one thing that’s usually referred to as the first victim of the war: truth.


November 1, 2022: Twitter user Mike Edward suggests the name “Vatnik Soup” to Pekka Kallioniemi

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Inspired by Vatnik Soup

#vatniksoup is not just my hashtag, it’s for everyone.

Pekka Kallioniemi

Today in #VatnikSoup I’m going to talk about respect and honour in the Soviet Union, the predecessor terrorist state to the current claimant terrorist state of Russia. I will elaborate on the claimant part in another vatnik soup. I can relate it to “modern” Russia too.

SHUSHRUTH SUDHIR URWA’s #VatnikSoup(“If @P_Kallioniemi permits I would also like to use #VatnikSoup and give my observations if possible on vatniks.”)

Inspired by Pekka Kallioniemi’s #vatniksoup, the #dailysoup is a series of Twitter and Instagram threads (or entries) covering different stories of China-related and Russia-related controversies, particularly those related to political, business, geopolitical, and economic issues in the Asia-Pacific region, as well as the mechanisms behind them.

olliekarp’s #dailysoup

Have you ever been reading a #VatnikSoup and thought to yourself: ‘This is great, but I wish there was an Estonian version too’? Well, the wait is over. With the blessing of @P_Kallioniemi, #VatnikSoupEE is now a thing thanks to @Martinlaineolen.

Martin Laine’s #VatnikSoupEE

In the first piece of ‘#Vatniks in Hungary’ we’ll examine Laszlo Kover, the Speaker of the House, MP, ex-acting President of the Republic. He comes from a prominent communist background and is known for his vile rhetoric, and hatred for the US, EU, and the West in general

Battleground - OSMIA’s ‘#Vatniks in Hungary’ (“The inspiration was the vatniksoup and I’m very glad you like it!”)

In today’s definitely not vatnik soup (it’s a parody, pls don’t sue me, Pekka 😅), I will introduce an American social media personality, Jonathan C (@ DecentFiJC). Jonathan is known for his anti-Ukraine rhetoric and harassment of @DrAnnaPirates.

Trigger’s not vatnik soup (“This is a proper soup, my friend! Great job. — Pekka”)

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