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Janus Putkonen

There are some well-known #vatnik’s in Finland, but I’d like to introduce them to the international audiences, too. First one I’d like to talk about is a man who goes by the name Janus Putkonen (@janus_putkonen). He is the current“Chief-Editor” of Russian propaganda piece... 1/5

... called“UMV-Lehti”, which he took over after another Putinist, Juha Korhonen (.@Juha_Korh2) left this embarrassing position. “UMV-Lehti” is a Finnish propaganda piece touting Kremlin bullshit such as the biolabs and US blowing up the Nordstream gaspipes. 2/5
In 2015, Janus moved to the imaginary nation-state of Donetsk where he started “Doni News”, another Kremlin propaganda outlet. His connections (and his monthly salary of about 1220 euros) to the Kremlin was found out in leaked e-mails back in 2016. 3/5
Putkonen is still spreading vast amounts of disinformation and propaganda on “UMV-Lehti” and on several channels on Telegram. He also has a program called “Fennostudio” where he rants about NATO, US and EU, usually drunk. 4/5
Before becoming a drunken agitator, Janus was working in the theater world and even took part in a Mr Finland beauty contest. Acting is not his strong suite, though, as you can see from the video below. 5/5

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