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Janus Putkonen in Murmansk

In today’s #vatnik soup we’ll do a retrospect on two previous editions. In my first soup I introduced a quisling called Janus Putkonen:

Later on I told the story of Fennotravels, a story about love and deception in two acts:

After the unfortunate divorce of two main actors of Fennotravels, Janus Putkonen decided to do one final trip with “Finnish patriots” to Russian Murmansk. The trip is taking place during 2.-4. Dec, 2022.

Janus has previously been at Murmansk creating casus belli against Finland by “criticizing Finland’s treatment of indigenous people”. Mr. Putkonen even “talked” with an imaginary UN official, Rashid Aluashi, about the situation.

This time he was focusing on creating propaganda material between “patriotic Finnish” and Russians by organizing a small convoy. After this Janus published his propaganda book “Patriot’s Diary”. You can get your own copy for a measly sum of 40 euros (don’t buy it)!

As you can image and see from the photos, it’s all an absurd, Surkovian show.

As a funny anecdote, Janus was a two-faced Roman god and he presided between peace and war. Quite fitting name for this “Finnish patriot” and Donbas’ propaganda minister.

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