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Vatnik’s country of originFinland

Jussi Saarela

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Finnish #vatnik's! This time I'll be introducing a real scumbag who is not very well-known even in Finland: Jussi Saarela. Jussi is an evangelist for a group called "Rhapsody of Realities" and also runs a vast propaganda network for 🇷🇺 disinfo. 1/6 Image
His church group seems to be just as interested in money than in God (they even use a subscription model for Godly wisdom!). I may be wrong here, but based on their videos it's just another charismatic Christian movement.
"But what makes you call him a scumbag?", you may ask. 2/6 Image
Well, Jussi was sentenced to prison for almost three years for selling non-existent servers to local companies (mostly to elderly people):…
Jussi and his business associate made almost 2 million from this scheme. 3/6
After this, he took an alias of Jean Maier von Eck and tried to move his business over to Malibu but was caught by the police. While doing time, Jussi found God (or saw an opportunity) and after this he's been working on his evangelism/disinfo/propaganda business online. 4/6
Their Finnish website, is full of anti-NATO and US propaganda, as well as conspiracy theories regarding WEF, Klaus Schwab and COVID-19. It is an interesting mix of blatant lies, religion and Russian propaganda. 5/6
They also have a channel on Telegram devoted to their bullshit:… Jussi himself is working from the sidelines and only involves himself in some of the preaching videos, probably because he's still in debt from his previous business ventures. 6/6
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