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Juha Korhonen

Welcome back to Finnish #vatnik’s! Today I’ll be introducing a “gentleman” who goes by the name of Juha Korhonen (.@Juha_Korh2). His main contributions for the Finnish disinformation scene are two websites:

1/8 Image
1) MV-media (currently UMV-lehti), where he acted as an editor-in-chief during 2018-2019, and 2) Tokentube, a Youtube alternative that mostly consists of videos about conspiracy theories such as the Great Reset and WEF. 2/8 Janus Putkonen (left) and J...
It’s also home for many charismatic Christian movements, Russia apologists and disinformation spreaders.

Juha’s ambitions always seem to be overshadowed by the lack of funding - most of the time he’s either critisizing the Finnish government or begging for money. 3/8
Currently he is running for the Finnish parliament and is yet again asking people for money. A word of warning for those who are thinking of donating - in 2014, Juha was sentenced for embezzlement for stealing money from a local rally association. 4/8 Image
Juha, together with Johan Bäckman (.@johanbek) and Juha Molari (.@MolariJuha) also developed a stalking habit towards journalist Jessikka Aro (.@JessikkaAro), whose phenomenal 2019 book “Putin’s Trolls” revealed the truth behind Russia’s disinformation machinery. 5/8 Image
He wrote several deragotary articles about her on MV-media and even followed her in real life.Juha is also one of the few people who have been interviewed on Russian TV:he shared some half-truths and outright lies on RT about Finland’s NATO membership. 6/8
Lately Juha has been involved in organizing demonstrations. His latest circle-jerk “Towards Independent Finland” gathered around 30 usual suspects from the disinfo and conspiracy groups:

As a final note, some people have been following Juha’s reckless adventures throughout the years - Janne Riiheläinen (.@veitera) is a real expert on this topic. 8/8
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