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In today’s Finnish #vatnik’s, I’ll introduce you to a podcast called LEVELI. The main hosts of the show are two gentlemen: Nico Giansanti (.@ReaverTeknoGods) and Milad Dehghan.

Embrace yourselves, ’tis is a rather long one. 🧵1/11 Image
LEVELI podcast was started on April in 2020. At the beginning, the show was hosting guests that ranged from minor celebrities to actual well-known celebs (e.g. Mikko Hyppönen (.@mikko) and even the Finland’s biggest OSINT star, .@emilkastehelmi) in the Finnish media sphere. 2/11 Image
From the beginning, LEVELI was very anti-establishment and countercultural with conspiracies, mysticism and numerology thrown in the mix. They also covered more lighthearted topics such as social media drama and e-celebs. 3/11
In 2021, both Nico and Milad decided to run in the 🇫🇮 municipal elections. They chose their party, True Finns, based on an online poll conducted during one of their podcasts. Milad was elected to Vantaa city council and Nico earned the seat of deputy city council in Helsinki. 4/11 Image
They were eventually sacked from True Finns for criticising the party leadership. Party secretary Arto Luukkanen (.@ArtoLuukkanen) commented that “Anyone can look at their podcast and figure out the reason for this [the sacking]”. 5/11
After this, the duo joined Ano Turtiainen’s (.@TurtiainenAno) VKK party ("Power to the people"). This group is by far the most Russian leaning party in Finland, and their sole MP Ano has constantly stated the sanctions against Russia should be lifted. 6/11 Image
LEVELI is divided into different segments. In one of them, they go through and discuss different news and counterculture news. Another key segment is the part where they ridicule people who they disagree with, for example politicians and journalists. 7/11 Image
In one show they fried Finnish president Sauli Niinistö (.@niinisto) in an electric chair. In another one Milad praises 🇷🇺’s mobilization celebrations.After 🇷🇺 attacked Ukraine in February 2021, their podcast has dedicated large segments to spreading Russian disinfo and propaganda.8/11
Generally their reporting and discussion is extremely biased, and they often make assumptions based on conspiracies, numerology and other pseudoscientific bs. Topics vary from COVID-19 conspiracies, alleged corruption in Finland/West, WEF/Great Reset, anti-NATO narratives, etc.9/11 Image
LEVELI has been looking for various monetization channels throughout the years. Probably most of their income comes from individual benefactors on their stream, but they also have a subscription model with private channels, etc. 10/11
They also sell some merch through their website (including #jauhojengi shirts). Both Milad and Nico are also doing music and trying to start several sub-projects such as MMA and travel shows. 11/11 Image