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Where are they now?

In today’s #vatniksoup and in the first edition of “Where are they now?”, I’ll do an update on some of your favorite vatniks around the world, and report on what they’ve been up to.

If there’s someone or something you’d like to hear more about, let me know in the comments👇

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Let’s start with everyone’s favorite former naval officer, Sarah “Donbass Devushka” Bils. She recently gave an interview to RT, where she doubled down on her previous statements, stating that “truth is our most potent weapon”.

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That’s a weird statement coming from a person who faked to be a “poor woman from Lugansk”, Latvian, Gazan, and so on.

Now, what’s even funnier, that on 24 Mar 2022, she faked that her father was in Mariupol (thank you NAFO investigators!).

3/17 ImageImageImage
In the interview, she also said that “we [the DD channel] have native Russians among our ranks, as well as a diverse array of voices from around the globe”.She also stated that their Telegram channel has grown by over 10 000 spectators. Sarah (and RT) also claims that #NAFO..
4/17 sponsored by so-called Five Eyes, referring to the intel alliance between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, and the US.

Watch out, they’ll soon try to get “Five Eyes” trending!

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Read more about DD here:

There’s also been buzz around Finnish oligarch Gennady Timchenko. Finnish Ministry of the Interior declared that the decision of Timchenko’s Finnish nationality was done “by the book”. Her daughter’s Finnish passport was fast-tracked, too.

6/17 Image
Timchenko allegedly funds the PMC Redut, a mercenary company that recently re-surfaced in East of Ukraine, when one of their soldiers was captured. They also took part in the Kyiv Offensive, capture of Chernobyl, and Battle of Kharkiv.

Congratulations to Gennady on being the first Finnish to have their own private military company!

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Here’s my thread on Timchenko:

Next I’ll talk about the distress of the Finnish pro-Kremlin scene. The whole gang is suffering of a serious election hangover - the results were devastating and not-so-suprisingly none of them were elected. The Grand Old Vatnik, @johanbek has mostly been joking around, ...

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...@HuuhtanenPanu has his full focus on the class action lawsuit against me and probably the whole of NATO, and the Kremlin-paid @janus_putkonen had most of his money stolen by his long-time associate, Jonathan Widell.

10/17 Image
But there’s news, too! A new movement called Suomi2030 popped up very recently, and it seems to be flirting with the “anti-globalist” posse in Finland. There also seems to be some connections to Poland with this one - many of the articles about money refer to Polish zloty.

11/17 Image
Here’s my very first #vatniksoup on Putkonen, from the time I could still write briefly:

Ping: @veitera @Vorkoz <- follow these people, they’re great!

Seymour Hersh is still being platformed by pro-Russian propagandists like @aaronjmate, who guest-hosted the Jimmy Dore Show featuring Hersh. He’s doubled down on his statements about the Nord Stream bombing, and talked about “corruption” of the “Zelensky regime”.

I wonder what he’ll say about the submarine that was seen near the Nord Stream blast site few days before the explosion?

My thread on Hersh:

Finally, I’d like to nominate two Russian businessmen for the “freaky window accident” award: Roman Trotsenko and Nikolai Matushevsky. An intercepted call between the two was leaked last week, and in this call they criticized the Kremlin leadership, going as far as ...

15/17 ImageImage
... calling Putin “an idiot”. They also claimed that “everything will collapse” and that the only option in 2023 is to “deport, get a new nationality and hire the best lawyers”.

You can find the (Russian) phone call leak here:

Oh, and Russell “OH SH*T DID THIS REALLY HAPPEN?!!?!” Brand is still doing his clickbait-y BS on Rumble. Love what you’re doing with that caps lock, Russell!

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Now here’s a question - would you be interested in watching these type of “recaps” as a video? Would you even subscribe?
In other news: #vatniksoup just broke 35 million monthly impressions. Image
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