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Antiwar coalition

In today’s #vatniksoup I’m going to talk about the “antiwar movement”. After Putin organized the fake referendums in the four Ukrainian Oblasts, various pro-Kremlin parties started calling for immediate peace in Ukraine. Unsurprisingly, the movement was planned by the Kremlin.1/18 Image
In Sep 2022, Russia organized referendums to join Ukrainian Oblasts of Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk & Luhansk to the Russian Federation.The whole scenario was absurd - everyone knew that the referendums were totally fake & Russia didn’t even control any of these areas fully.
2/18 Image
And suddenly, hundreds of vatnik voices around the world started touting one thing, and one thing only: peace.

The same people who had spread lies about bioweapons labs, “Ukrainian neo-Nazis”, “genocide in Donbas”, had decided that it is time to forget all these atrocities, and called for immediate peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine.

On 25 February 2023, 13 000 demonstrators gathered at the Brandenburg Gate, calling for an end to the weapons supplies to Ukraine and yelling slogans like “Lift the anti-Russian sanctions!” and “Launch Nord Stream 2 immediately!”.

5/18 Image
As you can already guess, this was no coincidence. On 21 April 2023, WaPo with @CatherineBelton published an article on how the Kremlin has been trying to build “antiwar coalition” in Germany. These plans were exposed by a European intelligence service and reviewed by WaPo.

6/18 Image
In many ways, it proved something that has been theorized on Twitter for a long time: the Russians are trying to unite the political opposites on the far-left (die Linke) and on the far-right (AfD).

7/18 ImageImage
The so-called horseshoe theory suggests that, rather than being at opposing ends on the political continuum, they closely resemble each other.

Proponents of theory suggest that both extremes tend to support authoritarianism or totalitarianism.

8/18 Image
The documents showed that the Russian political strategists had met with Kremlin officials, and that the officials ordered the strategists to focus on building antiwar sentiment in Europe in order to reduce the support for Ukraine with slogans like “Buy gas, not war” and ...
9/18 Image
"Ukraine wants war, Germany want peace".

The documents also revealed that one person close to far-left politician Sahra Wagenknecht, and several AfD members were in contact with Russian officials while these plans were being laid out.

10/18 ImageImage
The plan even included highly detailed, anti-US graffiti that would be painted on the walls across Germany.

These rallies were organized throughout Germany, from a small town of Neustrelitz to Stuttgart, and it included demonstrations led by the Reichsbürger, a movement...
... that rejects the legitimacy of the modern German state. 25 members of the group were arrested in December 2022, for allegedly planning a coup d’état in Germany.

12/18 Image
The AfD is full of Putin apologists like MEP Maximillian Krah, stating that the war in Ukraine was started by the US, and that Russia was only defending itself. Various AfD members have also been offered all-expenses-paid trips to Russia throughout the years.

13/18 Image
Now, this is exactly what has been happening in the US. The so-called “far-left”, including the grifters from @TheGrayzoneNews blog, organized the lackluster Rage Against the War Machine event. And boy oh boy, was it a one big horseshoe gathering.

14/18 ImageImage
It featured, among others, the CodePink movement, the communists, and far-right figures like the white supremacists Matthew Heimbach and RapeWaffen (TG group advocating white supremacy extremism, neo-Nazi Satanism and and rape against women) member Shandon Simpson.

15/18 ImageImage
Recently one of the main speakers at Rage, Jimmy Dore, declared his candidacy for the presidential election of 2024. In the US, they call this pro-Russian movement “anti-neocon” and “anti-globalist”, whereas in other countries it’s mostly referred as the latter.

16/18 Image
The “anti-globalist” movement often spices up their rhetoric with conspiracy theories involving George Soros, Klaus Schwab and the like, stating that there’s a “deep state” trying to take control of all of us.

17/18 ImageImage
Now, when talking with these “antiwar people”, it is important to ask them: when did you start supporting for peace? If there’s no sign of them calling for peace negotiations before Sep 2022, there’s a high probability that they’re rootin’ for Putin.

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