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Maximillian Krah

In today’s #vatniksoup, I’ll introduce a German lawyer(!), politician and MEP, Maximillian Krah (@KrahMax). He’s best-known for his far-right politics, for his pro-Russian voting patterns, and for his denial of war crimes and human rights violations around the world.

First of all, how do you recognize a douche bag? They put the title “Dr.” before their name.

Dr. Maximillian Krah got into youth politics when he was 14, when he joined a CDU’s youth organization, Junge Union. He left the party in 2016 and joined AfD, a German political...
2/18 that contains a strong pro-Russia movement. AfD is deeply connected to the Kremlin, and for example the party’s MP, Markus Frohnmeier, called for Russian funding for his election campaign. But that’s another soup for later, let’s focus on Dr. Max for now.

A year after Dr. Max joined the AfD, it made a change in its policies, and the party’s new leadership agreed that Germany should “close its borders to asylum applicants, end sanctions on Russia and to leave the EU”.

Dr. Max’s own rhetoric relies heavily on ...

...George Soros-based conspiracy theories, “anti-wokeism”, anti-Americanism, xenophobia and pro-Russian and pro-China politics.

For example, in 2017 he tweeted that “the threat of terrorism in the world does not come from supporters of Assad or Putin, nor from ’right-wing populists’”. Ironically, in the recent years, it has come mostly from all of those three sources.

Like the Irish MEPs Clare Daly and Mick Wallace, Dr. Max has been appearing routinely at the CCP-controlled propaganda mill Global Times (GT), where he usually focuses on the criticizing the US foreign policy.

In 2019, after the US had published their “Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2019”, Dr. Max gave a statement to the CCP-controlled People’s Daily magazine that “Xinjiang-related issues are no doubt China’s internal affairs, and the U.S. has no right to weigh in”.

In 2019, Putin’s favorite Ukrainian oligarch, Viktor Medvedchuk, met with Maximilian Krah and other AfD members to promote his “peace agreement in Eastern Ukraine”.

Medvedchuk allegedly tried to gain more power in Ukraine and in the eyes of Putin with this joke of a peace agreement, which was just a copy of the earlier Minsk agreement, that wasn’t upheld by any party involved.

In Sep 2020, after Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent by FSB agents, Dr. Max defended the Kremlin narrative that it is unclear whether he was poisoned with Novichok and whether the Kremlin had anything to do with the case.

In an interview published by GT in October 2021, Dr. Max suggested that “the US is using human rights as a political tool, ” continuing that the “interpretation of what human rights are” are done by left-liberal NGO’s funded by George Soros.

Based on Dr. Max, these NGO’s promote issues like gay marriage, abortion and “foreign-sponsored NGO’s”. He then stated that these NGO’s produce fake news with political agenda, and that they are part of the “deep state”.

In another interview published in November 2022, Dr. Max predicted the energy crisis that never came, and went as far as saying that “we will have a complete deindustrialization crisis following”. Then he continues: ...

..."Russia is our most reliable and cost-efficient supplier of oil and gas. It would be foolish to plan otherwise." Naturally, he also blames NATO expansion for the war in Ukraine, also suggesting that this war has put “Europeans at the mercy of the US”.

In August 2022, he tweeted that “China exports goods, not ideology” and “neither does Russia”. That’s pretty rich coming from a guy who gives interviews to both People’s Daily and Global Times magazines. The second statement is also ironic considering how eagerly our ...

...dear Doctor spreads the “anti-woke” message and sucks up to Putin and his cronies.

Krah has also been a fervent opponent of Zelenskyy. He’s blamed the Ukrainian President of corruption, for supporting gay rights and for calling for nuclear war.

In the European Parliament, Dr. Max has naturally been voting exactly like Putin wants him to: like all MEPs from the AfD, he’s voted against the resolution of declaring Russia a state “sponsor of terrorism”.

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