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Clare Daly

In today’s #vatnik soup we’ll travel back to Ireland, and get to a know an Irish politician and a MEP, Clare Daly. She strongly aligns herself with another Irish MEP, Mick Wallace. Like Wallace, Daly spends most of her energy appeasing Russia and China and criticizing the US.1/11
After several attempts, she was finally elected to Dáil Éireann in 2011 general election. In 2012, she was accused of misusing travel funds. In the same year, she refused to call for the resignation of her political ally, Mick Wallace.

Wallace’s company forgot to pay 2,1 million EUR in VAT. After the incident, she resigned from the Socialist Party. After leaving, she requested a share of her old party’s allowance so that she can fund her activities as an independent MP.

In Jun, 2013, after the G8 summit, she accused the Irish government of "prostituting" the country to US and Obama. She also called Obama a hypocrite and a war criminal for wanting to supply weapons for the Syrian rebels.

In 2019, Daly was elected as a MEP for the European Parliament. Soon after Daly was accused of nepotism for hiring her former husband as her assistant, forbidden by the rules of the European Parliament. He had previously also employed Mick Wallace’s son.

In Sep, 2020, Daly’s parliamentary assistant accused her of mistreatment and - ironically - having "no respect for workers’ rights".

In Apr, 2021, Daly and Wallace visited the HQ of Iran-backed militia group Popular Mobilization Forces.

In Jun, 2021, Daly and Wallace travelled to work as unofficial election monitors in Venezuelan parliamentary election and Ecuadorian general election, without a mandate or permission from the EU.

When it comes to Russia, Daly’s been busy. Daly and Wallace attempted to remove parts from the EP’s report on MH17. She’s attended protests supporting Algirdas Paleckis, a politician who was spying for Russia in Lithuania.

In Jan, 2022, Clare said that the Russian troops on the Ukrainian border were "clearly defensive". She also said that there is "no evidence that Russia has any desire to invade Ukraine".

She has voted against pretty much every pro-Ukraine vote in the European Parliament,including the declaration of Russia as a terrorist state. Her speeches are filled with whataboutism and accusations of "US imperalism". She’s also spouted the regular "proxy war" accusations.10/11
Daly’s also been featured a lot in Chinese state-sponsored TV, and she’s been featured in more Chinese-language news articles than any other Irish person, with Mick Wallace coming in close second. In these interviews, she often praises China and Chinese politics.

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