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Jimmy Dore

In today’s #vatnik soup I’ll be introducing a comedian-turned-propagandist and conspiracy theorist, Jimmy Dore. He’s the host of The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedic talk show but without any comedy.

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Between 2009 and 2019 Dore was affiliated with the Young Turks and appeared on their show Aggressive Progressives. Later Ana Kasparian accused Dore of sexual harassment, alleging that Jimmy had made several sexually inappropriate comments about her

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In Jul, 2020, Dore accused Biden of hosting a “black black face affair with a bunch of rich white people”. Biden of course didn’t have anything to do with the video, but this didn’t stop Dore from sharing it along with the story. The video has been since removed by YouTube.

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His Twitter mostly consist of COVID-19 conspiracy theories, bashing of Biden, “debunking” of “Russiagate” and of course bullshit from the Grayzone bloggers, whom he’s had as guests at his show several times.

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Dore pushed the conspiracy theories on the murder of Seth Rich, and insisted that there’s “probably something more to this story” even after the source of this theory was debunked. Actually, he STILL thinks that he cracked the case.

In 2017, Jimmy has also argued that the chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhun was a false flag operation orchestrated by the opposition of al-Assad. He’s also denied al-Assad’s regime’s involvement in the Douma chemical weapons attacks.

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Bellingcat later confirmed that Dore had received 2500 USD from a pro-Assad lobby group. He also featured an “independent journalist” Eva Bartlett in a segment about Syria.

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In a good vatnik fashion, Jimmy also takes things out of context: in 2018, he quoted Jim Mattis out of context as saying that he didn’t have evidence of sarin use in Syria. Mattis also said that the al-Assad regiment had been caught using sarin several times during the ...

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... Obama administration and the one after. Dore has denied the influence of Russia’s interference during the 2016 US elections, and he was a staunch critic of the Special Counsel investigation on the matter.

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He’s also called Bucha massacre (this one he called “false flag bullshit”) and Mariupol hospital bombing as false flag operations against Russia. As is tradition, he has not made any judgements on Russia’s atrocities in Ukraine.

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Jimmy will be attending the vatnik gathering also known as “Rage Against the War Machine”, where Russia apologists will condemn the West’s and NATO’s support for Ukraine. During the event, Russia and the genocide it’s committing in Ukraine won’t be condemned in any way.

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