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Where are they now, part 2

In today’s #vatniksoup and in the second edition of “Where are they now?”, I’ll do an update on some of your favorite vatniks around the world & report on what they’ve been up to.

If there’s someone or something you’d like to hear more about, let me know in the comments👇

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Let’s start with some revelations regarding Russia’s hybrid warfare operations in the West. The recent collaboration between Nordic public broadcasting companies revealed that the Russians have been focusing their espionage efforts around critical infrastructure in the...

2/21 Image
...Nordic countries. These include wind farms, oil platforms, and undersea cables.

Watch The Shadow War with English subtitles here:

The Danish journalists, including @kevinshakir and @LisbethQuass, have also exposed a plan where Russian intelligence services organize false anti-Erdogan protests to sow discord between Turkey and EU countries, and to prevent Sweden’s NATO membership.

4/21 Image
This was inspired Rasmus Paludan’s Quran-burning incident back in Jan 2023, and Russia was able to coordinate at least one anti-Erdogan demonstration in France in March 2023. Incidentally, one demonstration was also organized in Finland in early March 2023, ...

5/21 Image
...but it is unclear if it had any external coordination. The event was broadcasted by @HuuhtanenPanu, a Finnish vatnik who is allegedly about to sue me for... something.

Find Kevin Shakir’s report here:

6/21 ImageImageImage
As we can see, the Russian fifth column is still strong in Europe. In one incident on 9 May 2023, four Russian women attacked a Ukrainian woman for carrying the Ukrainian flag.

Check my thread on the fifth column:

But let’s move on to vatniks, and I’m sure you recognize this one: Scott Ritter has been extremely busy in his new favorite country, Russia. His book “Disarmament in the Time of Perestroika: Arms Control and the End of the Soviet Union” was recently published in...

8/21 ImageImageImageImage
..Russian by Moskovskaya Pravda, and naturally Scotty went to Russia to do a book tour. 5 May 2023, he told his audience in a bookstore in St. Petersburg that “There’s no way Russia should lose this war” and that...

..."If Russia wants to win this war, there is no reason why the war wouldn’t be over by late summer or early fall".

Check my thread on Scotty:

While Ritter was praising Russia and its mighty army in St. Petersburg, Gonzalo Lira was arrested by the SBU. There’s wild rumors going around that his location was provided to the SBU by no other than our favorite “poor girl from Luhansk”, Sarah “Donbass Devushka” Bils.

Some pro-Kremlin propagandists had warned Gonzalo about Bils, but apparently he didn’t listen.

Here’s more on Gonzalo:

Here’s something about the “poor girl from Luhansk”:

12/21 Image
In other news, it appears that Russians are still enjoying NATO countries and European luxuries en masse - in my earlier soups I introduced Russia’s Deputy Minister of Defense in Russia, Timur Ivanov, and his wife Svetlana.

13/21 Image
Svetlana LOVES to party in Europe, and he was spotted having fun in Courchevel, France in early April 2023.

Check my thread on her:

But she isn’t the only one enjoying the luxurious European capitals. Boris Obnosov, a man who is responsible Russia’s missile production, has sent his family to live in Prague, where they own a beautiful 140m2 penthouse.

15/21 ImageImage
In addition, they own several apartments around the city, and recently transferred their luxurious cars to Czech license plates. These people sure do seem to love NATO countries!
Here’s a great thread on Boris Obnosov and his family:

16/21 Image
Conspiracy theorist and Putin-enjoyer Michael Flynn has also been busy. As is tradition in the US, he’s sued @jimstewartson for the claims that he’s part of QAnon, and the DOJ, FBI and US government for malicious prosecution and abuse of process.

17/21 ImageImage
Previously, his brother sued CNN for 75 million USD over QAnon reports. BTW, Flynn is apparently still collecting a full military pension, paid for by the US citizens, and at the same time tours America with their The Great ReAwakening VS The Great Reset event.

Check what I previously wrote on Flynn:

19/21 ImageImage
On 29 April 2023, the Russians organized a hybrid event called “Global Conference on Multipolarity”, a propaganda conference which is basically who’s who of pro-Kremlin academics.

20/21 Image
The event included speakers such as Sergei Lavrov, Sergei Glazyev, Konstantin Malofeyev, Pepe Escobar, Roger Köppel and Johan Bäckman.


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