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Maram Susli

Welcome to the 1st edition of international #vatnik’s! Today I’ll be discussing a prominent figure in the disinfo/conspiracy scene - a lady called Maram Susli AKA PartisanGirl (.@Partisangirl). Originally from Damascus, her family moved to Australia when she was a child.

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She has a degree in biophysics and chemistry, which apparently makes her an expert on geopolitical issues. In her Twitter profile she claims to be a “Scientist”, yet she has written only opinion pieces and outright propaganda without a single trace of actual research.

Maram emerged as an online personality in 2011 during the Arab Spring, but became much more active at the time of the Syrian Civil War. Her stance has generally been anti-US and Syrian rebels and pro-al-Assad and Russia.…

She has contributed to Russian propaganda outlet New Eastern Outlook and also published in Duginist Journal of Eurasian Affairs. In addition, she has made appearences on Russia Today and the Iranian Press TV and occasional contributions to Al Mayadeen.

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Susli is a big fan of conspiracy theories. She has discussed the Ghouta chemical attack conducted by the 🇸🇾 government with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones on his show, InfoWars, and claimed that the attack was done by the 🇸🇾 rebels. This theory was debunked by .@bellingcat.

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She also blames the usual suspects, Illuminati, NWO and the Freemasons about the problems in 🇸🇾 and around the world. In addition, she has stated that both al-Qaeda and ISIS are front organizations for the CIA, that 9/11 was an inside job...

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... and that Ebola is a chemical weapon developed by the US.

Susli also has close ties to neo-Nazi media networks, and she has appeared on Holocaust denier Ryan Dawson’s, KKK figure David Duke’s and neo-nazi Richard Spencer’s podcasts.

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