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Bioweapons in Ukraine

In a new #vatnik soup series, “You pronounced this nonsense, not me”, I’ll be going through some of the most outlandish propaganda pieces ever produced by the 🇷🇺 media and its affiliates. Let’s start with a classic that just refuses to die: bioweapons development in Ukraine. 1/4 Image
Bioweapons claims were initially made by TASS early March:
These claims quickly evolved into conspiracy theories spreading through QAnon/Convoy channels involving the US, NATO and Biden’s son, Hunter. From the initial reporting things got just...weird.
2/4 Image
🇷🇺 MoD accused Ukraine of training birds to spread “genetically modified deadly pathogens” that only affect ethnic Russians. This message was delivered by 🇷🇺’s walking meme Major General Konashenkov:
3/4 Image
Later in October 🇷🇺 managed to 1-UP these claims and they became even more ridiculous when 🇷🇺’s UN representative Vasily Nebenzya said that Ukraine can “spread mosquitoes infected with dangerous viruses.”…

What psychedelics are these people taking? 4/4