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Scottson Sterritt

In today’s #vatniksoup, I’ll introduce an American social media grifter and supplements salesman, Scottson “Ayden” Sterritt (@squatsons). He’s best-known for his extensive experience in geopolitics, bodybuilding and military strategy, and for his strong support for Russia.

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Before starting to simp for Putin, Scottson was involved in the bodybuilding scene. His vast knowledge on geopolitics and military issues stems from his education at the prestigious Cibola High School.

In addition to grifting online, Sterritt has had another source of income: he sells protein powders, shakes, and such. As you can see from the photo (and the receding hairline) below, he’s found the perfect, natural way of bodybuilding with the help of @MnmProlabs ...

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...shakes and protein bars. All natural, baby.

But maybe the powder business wasn’t very lucrative, and after the war started he found a nice opportunity in selling Z-merchandise, claiming its for charity and pocketing the profits.

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Apparently Sterritt’s main job at the moment is to tweet about the Russo-Ukrainian War. He averages about 60 tweets per day, and most, if not all, are related to the conflict.

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Sterritt was also allegedly involved in the crowdfunding efforts with Sarah “Donbass Devushka” Bils. Apparently he was part of the organizing team for the merchandise, and stated that “all proceeds go to charities helping the Donbass.”

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While NAFO was conducting research on “Donbass Devushka”, he was speculating that the “investigation is meaningless and no one care about your theories about our team.” 12 days later a small local newspaper called Wall Street Journal broke the DD story on their front page.

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He also tweeted that “I know her name and it isn’t Sarah or whatever, ” which can actually be true in case Sarah had already changed her name to Lyudmila. Lyudmila might or might not be in the backseat in the last photo with Scotty.

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Sterritt’s most popular episode of his “Kalibrated with Scott” podcast was when he hosted the convicted sex criminal, Scott Ritter. Ritter’s expertise was evident during the early days of war, when he claimed that “Ukraine is getting schooled in the art of Urban warfare.”

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Because of Scottson’s extensive knowledge in geopolitics and military issues, he knew already back in August 2022, that Iranian drones weren’t being sent to Russia, calling the claim “complete crap”.

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A month later he was selling T-shirts promoting Iranian drones, again claiming that “all proceeds go to charities helping the Donbass.” I think it would be an interesting investigation to see where the money actually went.

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Now, let’s look briefly at Sterritt’s amazing ability to do military analysis. In August 2022, he tweeted that Kherson “will never be Ukraine again.” The city was of course recaptured by the Ukrainian forces just three months later.

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He was also all about the “winter of death”, many times suggesting that Ukraine wouldn’t survive over the winter, and that they’d “capitulate when the power goes off”.
He cheered for the Vuhledar push in November 2022, which turned out to be a complete failure for the Russians.
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In May 2023, Scotty tweeted that Russia “never targeted civilians power infrastructure, only substations linked to rail traffic.” Then, few months later he was sharing videos of Russian’s targeting a power station in Kyiv. Because Scotty’s consistent like that.

14/20 ImageImageImageImage
Sterritt’s made fun of both big counteroffensives conducted by the Ukrainian forces. Back in August 2022, he seemed to think that the first counteroffensive was a total failure. Few months later Ukraine re-captured a lot of areas (see the before and after map below).

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He’s always claimed to be having higher moral standards than the rabid Shiba Inus of NAFO, but in May 2022, he tweeted this nasty gem. The tweet’s now deleted, of course, as it could be a PR hit for the morale crusader Scottson.

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In May 2023, Scotty appeared on an open mic podcast called Defense Politics Asia, where he discussed various topics, including Bucha. He cast doubts on the events of Bucha, suggesting that the West had started their propaganda push some time prior to the events, ...

17/20 Image
...and emphasized that it was either “something that didn’t happen” or an “isolated incident”, just like the tortured people in the mass graves in Izium, constant bombing of civilian targets around Ukraine, and the children’s torture chambers in Kherson.

He claimed that he’s been “for peace” the whole time, and that the Ukrainians should stop fighting and negotiate for peace. I did a quick search on Scotty’s tweets, but couldn’t find any calls for peace prior to Putin’s fake annexation of the four Ukrainian Oblasts.

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Currently he is focusing on bashing the ongoing second Ukrainian counteroffensive, especially celebrating any lost vehicles that were donated by Western countries.
Don’t know about you, but I’m getting some popcorn ready for Scotty’s coping if the offensive is successful!

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