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Vatnik’s professionCartoon dogs
Vatnik’s country of originGlobal organization
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For several reasons, #NAFO is an amazing movement. Lemme elaborate:

1) It's a de-centralized movement without leaders or idols. Leaders and hierarchies are the biggest reason why social media movements die. @Kama_Kamilia has stated on many occasions that NAFO is what...

...people want NAFO to be. And he's stated that NAFO is not about him, or as he put it, "Once you put a face to a name, it becomes about the person and not the message."

I agree with this 100%, and I believe this is the reason why NAFO has been so successful.


2) NAFO helped me when no one else would. Back in Oct 2022, when I started writing #vatniksoup,most of the attention came from cartoon dogs. They spread my message, they followed me and recommended my content. @betelgeuse1922 had a similar experience:
3) NAFO works on so many levels. It crowdfunds Ukrainian battle against Russia. It fights against Russian disinformation on social media. It spreads awareness and augments pro-Ukrainian message. Shiba inus support you when you're in trouble, they CARE.

4) NAFO is extremely effective against the Russian propaganda style called "Firehose of Falsehood". It doesn't debate or argue with bad actors such as Russian diplomats,but ridicules their ridiculous and false message. And it does it in high volume.

Now, there's always room for criticism. Like every moment, NAFO has members who like to stir shit and provoke strong reactions. There are also people who claim to be NAFO but actually just provoke infighting. But you shouldn't judge de-centralized movement for few bad apples.
Then there are people who judge NAFO because of an inflatable shark, and completely disregard all the actual work NAFO has done. This is the hill they are willing to figuratively die on, while their countrymen die en masse on actual hills in Ukraine.

Finally, there's a reason why Russian high-level officials comment on NAFO, and that reason is simple: the movement is extremely effective. That's why they try to undermine and sabotage it with their silly accusations of "russophobia".

Fellow Shibas, keep on shitposting!

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