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In today’s #vatnik soup, I’ll be discussing one of the most resilient and widespread conspiracies out there: World Economic Forum (WEF), The Great Reset and the “New World Order”.

WEF is a lobbying organization founded by Klaus Schwab (@ProfKlausSchwab) in the 70s... 1/10 Image
... and is best known for their annual Davos meeting where billionaires and politicians “shape global, regional and industry agendas”.

The Great Reset is an initiative launched in 2020 by Schwab’s club and it aims to rebuild the post-COVID-19 society in a sustainable way.

2/10 Image
The three key aspects of the program are: green growth, smarter growth and fairer growth. Sounds pretty demonic, eh?

Why do the Russians want to spread this conspiracy? Because it would neutralize their economic stronghold of fossil fuels.

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The Great Reset focuses on green, renewable energy that would slow down the climate warming. This paradigm shift would ruin their business model (although the war already did that...) of selling natural gas and oil to fund their war efforts.

4/10 Image
Many fringe groups have created conspiracies around this program, claiming that COVID-19 was created by a secret group to seize control of the global economy. This theory suggests that lockdowns and other restrictions were designed to crash the global economy ...

5/10 Image that Schwab’s socialist system could take over.
In addition, many groups and individuals claim that “deadly COVID-19 vaccines” are used to enslave humanity and reduce populations greatly.These stories often involve influential people such as Bill Gates and George Soros.6/10 Image
Schwab has stated that his “4th Industrial Revolution” would blur the lines between real world and digital, and that it includes technologies such as AI, IoT & nanotechnology.

Based on Klaus’ vision, Danish MP Ida Auken (@IdaAuken) published an essay called ...

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... “Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better” which emphasized the importance of sustainability through renting and borrowing instead of owning stuff in the near future.WEF also produced a video based on this essay.

It was a PR disaster, and it became one of the most widely spread “evidence” for the Great Reset conspiracy theory.

Snopes has traced the origins of this conspiracy to QAnon groups and the 8kun social media site. Russell Brand made a video on it:

One of the first countries where this conspiracy spread quickly was Canada. A British journalist Oliver Kamm has stated that the Great Reset conspiracy theory has been widely disseminated by Russian disinformation channels. It is especially popular on sites like 4chan.

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