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Aleksandr Dugin

In today’s #vatnik soup I’ll introduce one of the main architects of 🇷🇺 geopolitics, Aleksandr Dugin.He’s a far-right political philosopher, analyst & of course a
fascist.His influence over Putin is disputed, but his books seem to be a blueprint for 🇷🇺’s geopolitical strategy. 1/10
In the early 80’s, Dugin joined a dissident group called Yuzhinsky circle that dabbled with Satanism and esoteric Nazism.During that time, he even got a nickname, Hans Sievers, referencing a Nazi researcher of the paranormal.He also got interested in the writings of Julius Evola 2/10
In his 1997 essay, Dugin described serial killer and a pedophile Andrei Chikatilo as a mystic and as a practitioner of Dionysian sacraments. Chikatilo killed and raped over 50 women and children during the 70s and the 80s:…

In 1997, Dugin published his most famous work, Foundations of Geopolitics (FoG) that called for Russia to rebuild its power and influence around the world. The book had a significant influence in Russia’s leadership, and it’s been used as a textbook in the Russian military. 4/10
In the book Dugin promotes the idea of The Eurasian Empire to challenge the hegemony of the “US led, Atlanticist empire”. He says that this should be done through annexations and alliances rather than large-scale military operations. 5/10
FoG emphasizes the importance of subversion, destabilization and use of disinformation conducted by the FSB and GRU. It also mentions that natural resources should be used to bully and pressure other countries.

Does this sound familiar to you?

Here are some of Dugin’s suggestions from FoG (those that have happened or are attempted are marked with x):
x UK should be cut off from Europe
- Finland should be absorbed into Russia
x Belarus and Moldova should be part of Russia
x Ukraine should be annexed

x Georgia should be split and Abkhazia and South Ossetia should be part of Russia
x Russia should provoke Turkey to fight with the Kurds and other minorities
x Russia should polarize the US through propaganda and disinfo with themes such as race issues

x Russia should promote isolationism in the US (Trump was promoting isolationism heavily during his presidency)

All this was written in 1997, so either Dugin is the new Nostradamus or he’s had a huge influence on Russian geopolitics.

US Department of the Treasury and Canada sanctioned Dugin in 2015 and some of his organizations were further sanctioned in March, 2022.

Dugin’s daughter, Darya Dugina died in a car bombing in Moscow in August 2022.

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