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Andrew Anglin

In today’s #vatnik soup I’ll be introducing a neo-nazi, conspiracy theorist & a troll, Andrew Anglin (@WorldWarWang). He’s by no means a prominent figure of influence, but I wanted to introduce him as a cautionary tale of how people with fragile egos become brainwashed online.

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It seems that throughout his life Andrew has been soul searching, but in all the wrong places. As a teenager, he was a declared atheist and a vegan, wearing clothes with “Fuck Racism” written on them. Even as a youngster, his friends described him as erratic and sadistic.

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Ironically, he even flirted with homosexuality during his teenage years, something that he would strongly condemn later on, supporting the ISIS-style of throwing gays off buildings.

At some point he became interested in conspiracy theories, and became a fan of InfoWars ...

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... and other fringe medias. Lizard people, chemtrails, fake moon landing, fetus-eating pedophiles and their blood rituals... he embraced them all. He also spent a lot of time on 4chan, and he’s declared that “4chan was more influential on me than anything”.

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At some point he roamed around Southeast Asia for some years and stated that the only way for the humanity to survive was to return to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle. He apparently wanted to marry two local Muslim women until “by the Grace of God”, ...

... he found Hitler and neo-nazism. You can’t make this shit up, unless you’re Andrew Anglin.

In 2012 he launched a neo-nazi website, Total Fascism. It was a failure and he decided to switch to more provocative, short-form content with his new website, The Daily Stormer.

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The website was quite popular, drawing in millions of readers. Anglin used his website to organize a brigade against Tanya Gersh, a Jewish real estate agent. In Jul, 2019, a judge issued a 14 million USD default judgement against Anglin.

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These days Andrew is fighting against the American obesity epidemic, women’s rights and NAFO. He’s a stout supporter of Russia’s genocide in Ukraine, and he’s (ironically) spouting about Russia being “the last White Christian country”.

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Bankrupt, disenfranchised and alienated, Andrew resorts to only thing he can do: trolling. The best thing people can do is ignore him and move on.

He was banned from Twitter in 2013. but Musk reinstated his account in Dec, 2022.

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