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Graham Phillips

In today’s #vatnik soup I’ll introduce a British freelance journalist, agitator and propagandist, Graham Phillips. In his articles and videos he favors Russia heavily, even though he calls himself an “independent journalist”.

Graham moved to Ukraine in 2010 and started working as an English teacher. He also started writing a blog, Brit in Ukraine, with articles on football, politics, history, and prostitution. The last topic was apparently his favorite, as he wrote a lot about prostitutes, ...

... students moonlighting as escorts and foreign bride-hunters. He wrote about his first encounter with a prostitute in Amsterdam in a following manner: “A new high had replaced the drugs, and I exhaled ’I love prostitutes’ into an appreciative Amsterdam night.”

He also interviewed prostitutes on a floating Brothel on the Dnieper River and concluded that “Ukraine speaks to the wildness in me”.

After these sexual escapades he focused on his writings, but one of his books was withdrawn due to a threat of legal action & another one...
... - incidentally about an American searching for an Ukrainian bride - was never finished. He found himself unemployed, and his relationship ended because she was more interested in Euromaidan than in him.

His critical reporting of the mass protests caught the eye of RT producers, who asked him to comment the situation via Skype for propaganda purposes.He made good money as the Kremlin-sponsored propagandists, and for a while he was the only RT reporter working in Ukraine.

It seems that his experiences in Ukraine made him bitter, & he soon started talking about “Kiev [sic] junta” & “Ukrainian fascists”. He started freelancing for RT, “reporting” around 🇺🇦. He’s been caught by the AFU and deported several times, and each time he has returned.

In Sep, 2016 he taunted a disabled Ukrainian POW who had lost both of his arms and sight in a mine blast. Earlier that year he was disrupting the Remembrance Day of the Latvian Legionnaires events and was deported to Russia.

When looking at Graham’s publicity stunts, there are MANY. In Aug, 2016, he entered the investigative journalism organization Correctiv’s office and demanded an interview with MH17 investigator Marcus Bensmann.

In Jan, 2017 he was thrown out of the UK Parliament loudly condemning UK’s support for Ukraine. He’s been creating and spreading pro-Russian disinformation in Donbas area. In 2018, he disrupted a press conference by Bellingcat’s Eliot Higgins, calling him a “NATO agent”.

After 🇷🇺’s invasion began, Phillips went immediately back to Ukraine. In Apr ’22 he interviewed Aiden Aislin, a British-Ukrainian soldier captured by the Russians.Publishing interviews of POWs is against the Geneve Conventions & he may face a war crime prosecution for this.

For his “great work”, Border Service (a branch of FSB) awarded him with a “Border Brotherhood” medal. He’s also been awarded several medals by the Luhansk and Donetsk oblast separatists. In Nov, 2020, he was awarded the “War Correspondent” medal in Moscow.

In Jul, 2022, Phillips became the first British-born citizen to be sanctioned, when UK placed him under sanctions and froze his assets.

Today he has a tiny following on Rumble and Odysee, platforms that nobody gives a shit about.

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