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Slobodan Despot

In today’s #vatniksoup, I’ll introduce a Swiss writer and editor of Serbian origin, Slobodan Despot (@despotica). He’s best-known for his conspiratorial views, for translating and publishing prominent far-right figures, and for supporting and spreading Kremlin propaganda.

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Frequent guest of both extreme right and mainstream media in Switzerland & France, Despot originally gained notoriety for his denial of Srebrenica genocide, in which more than 8000 Bosniak Muslim men and boys were killed. These killings were led by Serbian Ratko Mladić.


Despot’s world view has been influenced by Aleksandr Dugin and Eduard Limonov of National Bolsheviks (Nazbols in short). He’s been involved in publishing pro-Kremlin propaganda in French-speaking media pretty much since then. For a long period, he worked as a translator, ...

... and even translated the works of Slobodan Milosevic; a former president of Serbia, who allegedly got his political opponents murdered, and who was later charged with genocide, deportation, murder and torture (among other things) at the Hague.

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In his publication Editions Xenia, Despot published translated works of Ted “Unabomber” Kaczynski, a portrait of French antisemitic comedian Dieudonné, and writings of French conspiracy theorist, white nationalist and inventor of the “Great Replacement” theory, Renaud Camus.

Slobo’s best friend is Oskar Freysinger, a Swiss anti-Islam and right-wing politician who decorates his basement with Nazi flags. Ironically, he calls Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity a “Nazi” event. Freysinger also wore the St. George’s ribbon during his 2016 Moscow trip.


As the communication officer for Freysinger, he was in a group of security consultants for canton Valais together with survivalist Piero San Giorgio. Later, San Giorgio’s Nazi-inspired ableist discourse created public outrage & Freysinger lost the cantonal government elections.7/21 Image
In his “funny” sketches on public Swiss TV, Despot combines criticizing Europe for sanctioning Russians, reminding that the sanctions breach Swiss neutrality, whitewashing Russians, blaming the mainstream media for brainwashing people and calling basically everybody a Nazi.

When Putin was disinvited from Davos World Economic Forum, Despot commented on forum’s effects on the environment, sliding in his “humorous” discourse barely veiled threats of Wagner invasion or missile strikes in neighboring countries.

In an interview to Belgian conspiracy theory website Kairos, Despot stated that Ukraine was ready to sign a Turkey-mediated deal trading land against ceasefire, but NATO (through Boris Johnson) did not allow Zelenskyy to sign the truce.

Despot further declared that NATO’s intention was to trigger a colored revolution in Russia and that Ukraine is fighting the war with foreign mercenaries, as there are no Ukrainian soldiers left.

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He founded the Antipresse blog whose most famous achievement is an interview with Aleksandr Dugin by Swiss-Russian journalist Guy Mettan.

In his 1997 book “Foundations of Geopolitics”, Dugin outlined the Russian geopolitics:

On X/Twitter, Slobodan has posted several controversial, albeit not unique, takes on both Ukraine and its leaders, as well as on Russia. According to him, Bucha was a false flag attack by the West to launch a World War 3 & the Izyum massacre was actually staged by Ukraine.

He’s naturally stated that Zelenskyy is a puppet of foreign powers and holds no real power. He’s also shared a fabricated tweet that depicts the @DefenceU account mocking Zelenskyy and calling for people to not vote for him - in English.

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One of his most absurd claims was that the cold-blooded murder of Russian opposition figure Boris Nemtsov was a “propaganda attack on Putin”. He also declared that the Biden administration “really needs a WW3” because of their failed policies.


As is tradition, Slobodan frequently shares Russian propaganda-sourced tropes about Nazis in Ukraine. He has no problem in sharing videos and pictures that have been debunked on several occasions to push his ridiculous pro-Kremlin agenda.

When not sharing bad Russian propaganda, Slobodan just shares conspiratorial “prophecies” from the most fringe blogs one can find. One of them concluded that unless Russia is victorious in their “SMO”, we will enter the “Dark Ages”.

He also spreads WEF-related theories.

In 2017, Slobodan Despot participated in the “anti-Davos” conference in Moldova, in which Eurasianists and far-right figures gathered to unveil an alternative to capitalism, replacing it with ultranationalist, far-right and conspiratorial ideas and policies.

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To conclude, Slobodan Despot is a Serbian propagandist spreading his BS on french language Swiss media. It does not come as a surprise that a Srebrenica genocide denier and Milosevich apologist becomes a supporter of Putin’s “traditional values”, but what...

19/21 Image surprising is the fact that he gets so much attention and space in the Swiss media.

It is also rather surprising that the person who finds the decadent West so evil and repulsive, decides to live in one of its democracies.

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Maybe NAFO could crowdsource Mr. Despot a flight from Geneva to Moscow for the 20th of Sep, so that he could live in his dream land? Slobodan, if you’re interested, just send us your passport details and we’re all set!

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Thanks goes to @steve_racIoz, @poesjeinboots and @ArmaAlpina for helping me prepare this soupe de poisson à la rouille.

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